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      WE NOW OFFER A FULL                                                                           
 SPECTRUM OF ALCOHOL INKS                                                                        

                We have in stock CLAY, CLAY TOOLS AND CLAY PAINTS.
                                             We carry all of the Duncan Envision Glazes in 4 oz offerings at very reasonable prices.
                               Stop in to see our selection.
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2840 Sumner Avenue, Hoquiam, WA 98550
We purchased this 1938
Ford 4 door convertible
sedan April 14 1993 as a
It is done now and we will
be going for a few rides.
I am very grateful for my
husband putting in the
effort and skill to create this
dream come true ride for us.
Click the photo to see what
else he and his crew are
working on and cars that
were done by him and his
Harbor Art Guilds' Six Rivers Gallery   is
having a special event you won't want to miss.  

At 200 "K" Street in Aberdeen, that is the same
street as the post office, they are having an event.  I
say pop in on "K" Street because that entrance is
close to the gallery.

While you are in the building check out The
Aberdeen Art Center Gallery as well.
Supporting our local artists is such a good thing.
We have a huge selection of Glass Powders and Frits.
We also have the entire line of Glassline glass paints.
Yes, we have Pebeo glass paint that you cook in your oven at home.
For a small shop in Hoquiam, most people are surprised by what we have
in stock and the resonable prices that we offer for the items in stock.
Fused glass back splash:
Our glass shop
doodle dogs.
Our glass shop carries a diverse array
of inventory of glassing tools, glass for
fusing and glass for many other
techniques of glass art.  

We also carry a full line of Alcohol Inks

And don't be surprised when you see
the Duncan paints for Clay art as well
as Clay for doing Clay Art.

We are a very diversified art shop that
has 6 kilns on site that are used for
glass fusion and clay art.
Just Finished Bear Dream Catcher  
The Moon changes color
depending on what angle that
you are looking at.
Our new back door area.
For Matt to view.