Our doodles
We love dogs and had one for 14 years.  Then before we knew it many years passed and we were finally ready to
have furry family again.  When choosing what breed to have in our family we took into consideration that we love
to have our furry family with us at work.  Because some people are allergic to dogs we opted with the Doodle
Doodle breeds are very intelligent, non-shedding and very loving.

We have Amber that is 75% poodle and 25% Lab.  She weighs 50 lbs and is very gentle, smart and playful.
Amber will be about 2 years old for her first breeding.
We have Buddy that is 50% Miniature Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever.  He weighs 25 lbs and is very gentle,
smart and playful.  He is very happy and even wags his tail while he sleeps.  He shows his emotions much more
than Amber does.

They both only need to be asked to scoot over, come, and so much more and they understand what we would like
them to do.  If they do something we do not like we simply tell them we are ashamed and they are quick to behave.

We will be breeding them and making the puppies available in the future.  When the puppies are born we will have
a better idea of what size the full grown should be.  As in people when large and small get together, then some
are large and some are small.

We have a pencilled list of who has the desire for their puppies.  If you want on the list simply let us know.
Enjoy the photo's of Amber and Buddy.............
Buddy our sire born 1-23-2017
Amber our dame born 3-8-2016
Amber and Buddy are pretty inseparable.
Click on the photo of your choice to see a larger view.
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