This is a Four Foot in Diameter Inverted Dome Light that hangs in our family room.
This picture does not really give you the full effect of finished piece.
These are just print outs of a pattern for
the man and woman.  Some day I wish to
make them for the doors.
The swimming lady was a commissioned
piece.  I have one in my home in different
colors, but this one is prettier
in my opinion.
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An OPUS of many years works
Most by Irene and some of her students
E-MAIL :   Irene's Stained and Fused Glass
Click on the picture of interest to see a larger view:
2840 Sumner Avenue, Hoquiam, WA 98550
Kitty chasing a chipmunk on my computer screen.
Almost as fun as playing with glass.
A few pictures of things that might make
good designs.
Ceiling Lights
Available at
the Glass Shop
Real Reasonable
Garlic Plate created in
fused glass.
Amber is our glass shop mascot.
She is a Labradoodle that is almost one
year old.
She does not shed
nor effect people with dog allergies.