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Photographs in Glass
To begin the process:
1. send your photo to be created to Irene via e-mail or bring it by the shop to have it scanned.
Do share your phone number and Name?
2. let Irene know what style of photo art you desire?
3. let Irene know if you wish it to be mailed or if you will be picking it up when finished?
Share your USPS mailing address to ship to.
4. Payment information can be shared with Irene for credit card once the art is ready to ship.
5. If you are picking up in person we request check or cash.
E-MAIL :   Irene's Stained and Fused Glass
You will not believe how reasonably priced that this special personalized service is.

Some of the pictures are Fuzzy due to my lack of good photo taking ability, but in person they are not fuzzy!

It takes 2 kiln firings to create the art therefore do be advised that it will be 48 hours before the art can be handed to

We have hundreds of shapes that we can create with and you are welcome to come to the shop and view them to
choose your special shape.  

For ease of communication of desired art I am offering the three shapes above for those of you that are unable to
stop at the shop to choose.
2840 Sumner Avenue, Hoquiam, WA 98550
Medium Free-Standing Narrow
Recently a lady brought in a picture of her Husband from when he was 4 years old.  
He was standing in front of the steps of his home.  She also had a picture of herself at about the same age.  
I scanned both Photo's and gave her back her originals.
I then ran the photo's onto the fusible photo paper, then I took her picture and cut just her out.  I placed it on his
picture and traced it with black marker that disappears when fused.  
I cut that area out with Xacto knife and then placed her in the picture with him.
It came out really well and they were so happy.
They have been married for 50 years and now they have a picture of themselves together as children.  
What a gas.
Birthday art created with the
fusible photo paper for the text.