The Frit Shooter
soap and a scrub brush.

I then pour them out onto a towel to dry.

Once the glass is dry I then nip it with glass nippers so they will fit into my frit shooters tube.
I then pour them into my Frit Shooter and create frit and powder in the Coe that I am wanting.....

DeVarde glass does not make the Frit shooter any longer.
But now they have very easy to follow directions with photos on how you can make your own.
- The link if for the instructions on how to make your own frit shooter……. Enjoy.

To see how the frit shooter works do visit the video on You Tube:

I actually modified my frit shooter even more to be less dust giving.

Use your imagination and don’t hesitate to make yours safer too by adding more clamps and more gaskets…….!

Good to know Tip:
The size of the mesh screen you use on yours does matter.  
If you use tight woven mesh then your frits that come through will be smaller.
If you use larger mesh the frits will be larger.

I don't recommend using aluminum mesh as the metal won't stick to a magnet and you will be picking the aluminum
bits out of your glass   -   I did that once and it was not a good moment.
-When I go to buy mesh any more I just take a small magnet with me to test what I am looking at.

Wishing you all a colorful and good day……
Irene Richardson
I am giggling as I write this for you to enjoy................!

I had a project that I was doing that required a lot of frit.

I sell frit and could have just taken it off the shelf for the project.  

But my mind said; all these wonderful scraps are here and I should use them.  

So I spoke with my husband about modifying my Frit Piston tool.  

My husband went to work right away and welded a jack hammer type of device to
the handle of my Frit Piston that was powered by air.

I cleaned all my gather scraps and had them color separated.

I sat on a short stool outside on our concrete area.

I loaded the glass into the Frit Piston.

I turned on the machine and it began crushing the glass in the motion of a jack hammer.

Oh my..............

I jack hammered glass for about 2 hours.

My husband kept coming and checking on me.

He kept saying with a huge smile on his face,
are you doing okay.

I look up at him with BIG eyes and say; it's all good.

When I was done I had a lot of frit.
I also could hardly walk.........!
My arms, neck, back were toast......!

I put everything away and went into my computer.

I wearily type in all kinds of words into my Google search.
With much exhaustion I finally found the Frit Shooter.

My husband came in to check on me while I was at the computer.

He saw the photo of the video of the Frit shooter that I had put on pause when he walked in.

He said; do they sell that?
I said; I don't know, but I need that.

He said; Check into it and BUY IT.

LOL ........ In a bout 2 minutes after he left the room I purchased it.

They no longer sell it, but are so kind in offering their pictures and easy to follow directions on how we can
make one for ourselves.

Many of the wonderful artists that come to my shop have used my frit shooter.  
I am so glad that they have had the opportunity to use their scraps in creating their Frits.

I must mention though,  It does not make a lot of powder in this process.
So buying powder is still recommended unless you only need a little bit for your project.
Why and how I found the Frit Shooter:
The Project
The Frit Piston Tool
I know of many glass artists that are making their own frit and powder in many ways.
This information is going to be useful for all of you that make your powders and frits..............

When I am finished making my powders and frits I then remove the metals that have come into the glass from the machine.

I use to pour them into an automotive tray that is magnetic and move
the frit and powder around to have all metals connect to the magnet area.

In November of 2018 one of our fellow glassing friends shared with me the following:

1. He takes a metal pan that is shaped like a cake pan.
2.  He then places 3 magnets on the underside of the pan.
3.  He then pours his frits and powders that were just created into the pan.
4.  He moves them around so that the metal clings the magnet areas.
5.  He pours out the powder and frit.
6.  He then removes the magnets and pours out the metal fragments.

- I am ever so grateful when fellow glass artists share then allow me to share.........!
Thank you Alan......!
We glass artists helping one another will help the world to be a better and more colorful place..........!
Removing the metal from the glass powders and frits that were made:
The next step n the frit and powder making process is separate the grain sizes

I use the Aanaraku four cup sifting system.
I also sell them very reasonably priced.

The way that the frit sifters come, they are packed tight into one another.
Once I got mine apart I set pieces of styrofoam in them then stack them together so I can easily take them apart the
next time I go to use them.

When sifting I use the smallest mesh first.  (It gives powder.)
Then the next larger mesh.  (It gives Fine Frit.)
Then the next larger mesh.  (It gives Medium Frit)
Then the next larger mesh.  (It gives Coarse Frit.)
The left over size is: (Mosaic Frit.)

In the glass world for Coe 96 System 96, Spectrum and OceanSide the numbering system is as follows:
F1 = Powder
F2 = Fine Frit
F3 = Medium Frit
F5 = Coarse Frit
F7 = Mosaic Frit

For Coe 90 / Bullseye they have their own numbering system as well.
But they are still offering the same sizes as what Coe 96 world offers.

- Be sure to wear a face mask and eye protection when sifting the glass.
- A well ventilated area is recommended.
- Clean up of dust is recommended with a damp cloth.  
(let the cloth dry with the cleaned up powder on it and then remove the powder when the cloth dries if you like.)

--Good to know ........ I have taken the Powder that is offered by Bullseye and by Uroboros and sifted it through the
smallest meshed sifter and have gotten the smaller grain out of it with larger grain left in the sifter..........!
If making your own frit is not your cup of tea
- I do offerl frit on line in a huge array of colors and sizes.
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