Kiln Relays
Kiln Relays:

As a part of our normal maintenance for our kilns it is good to know that we do need to change out our relays.

Relays sticking in the on position can be a problem.  

When the fire paper begins to look a little over cooked or over spent then I know that my relays need to be changed.  
It is kind of the warning sign that I look for.  

If you are not using thin fire paper for your project, I recommend putting a one inch square of it on your shelf when you fire
each time.  

When the one inch square looks more cooked than normal then you know it is time to change out the relays in the kiln.

The life of a relay is about one year.

The part number for your relays will be on the relay itself.  
I recommend that you Google the number.

I buy them as I need them because I was told that they can go bad on a shelf.  
I get mine from Oman Components in Tacoma WA.  
Also at times I get the relays from Newark Electronics on the net.
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