Warming the Glass
     Good Tips by Irene
Did you know that WARM glass actually scores and breaks better.

We found this out years ago.  
I had radiant heated floor in my shop.
People would come and workshop with me.
When they picked up glass from me while workshopping then cut some of it, it scored and broke nicely.
Then they would take it home.  It got cold and did not break well.
After a lot of discussion we figured out that the glass being warm made it score and break better.

Some of my fellow artists have installed a radiant heater that hangs over the work area.
A photo to the left of here shows you what it looks like.  They can be purchased at Home Depot or on the net.
They set the glass that they will be cutting for their project in a glass caddy located under the radiant heater area.
There is a photo of a glass caddy made by Morton Glassworks to the left.  
Most glass retailers carry them in stock or you can order them on the net.

When we have warmed glass we have much better success!!!
This photo is of the Glass Caddy
by Morton Glassworks.
Click on any photo to make it larger.
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